Sexual Behavioral Assessment-Adult Male

In a Sexual Behavioral Assessment a male client will be required to complete the following:

  • Sexual history interview. Dr. Hawks will gather a sexual history from the client during a face-to-face interview. The interview gathers information about topics such as masturbation and pornography.
  • Multiphasic Sex Inventory II. This test is designed to measure the sexual characteristics of an adult male alleged to have committed a sex offense or sexual misconduct. It can be used as both a sex deviance evaluation and also to measure treatment progress. This test is completed in Salt Lake City at Behavioral Technology, Inc. (BTI). It is provided in a paper and pencil format.
The client will complete AT LEAST ONE of the following physiological measures:

  • Penile plethysmograph (PPG). The PPG is a penile plethysmograph system consisting of integrated software, stimulus materials, hardware, and clinical interpretation and methodology. The PPG measures the client's sexual response pattern and the extent of deviant arousal. It simultaneously monitors the client's penile responses, respirations, and galvanic skin response. The system also has built-in anti-faking methodology to enhance the internal validity of the data. Dr. Hawks contracts to BTI in Salt Lake City to complete PPGs.

  • Full Disclosure Sexual History Polygraph Examination. The purpose of the Sexual History Polygraph Examination is to thoroughly investigate the client's lifetime history of sexually victimizing others including the client's lifetime history of sexual deviancy, preoccupation and compulsivity behaviors. In addition, target polygraph questions are usually asked regarding current allegations. Dr. Hawks uses Intermoutain Polygraph. Learn more:

These tests are standardized with guidelines monitoring their administration, scoring and interpretation. It is important that the client have adequate reading abilities to complete the written tests. Please inform Dr. Hawks if the client has any problems in reading English.