Psychological Evaluation

In a Psychological Evaluation the client will be required to attend a minimum of three sessions. These are:

  • Orientation and Interview. Dr. Hawks will introduce the client to his/her consumer rights, the various psychological tests, and answer any questions the client may have
  • Complete psychological tests. Under the supervision of a proctor, the client will complete the assigned psychological tests.
  • Interview and review results. In the final session Dr. Hawks will conduct additionally interviewing and review the results of the Psychological Evaluation.
Typically, the sessions will be conducted at Dr, Hawks' office located at
3670 Quincy Ave. Suite 101, Ogden, Utah
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Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)

The MMPI provides an objective measure of personality. It is a well-researched and highly reliable instrument. It provides clear, valid descriptions of the client's problems, symptoms, and characteristics in broadly accepted clinical language. The profiles are easy to explain and are relatively easy for people to understand. The MMPI questions are listed in a test booklet and answers are marked by the client on a separate answer sheet. There are separate versions of the MMPI for adolescents and adults.

Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI)

The SASSI is a brief and easily administered psychological screening measure that helps identify individuals who have a high probability of having a substance use disorder. There are separate versions of the SASSI for adolescents and adults.

IQ Test

An IQ test measures the client's ability to learn and understand. Clients 16 and older complete the Shipley Institute of Living Scale IQ test. Dr. Hawks personally administers the Slosson Intelligence test -R3 to those clients 15 and younger.

Sentence Completion Test

The Sentence Completion Test is a projective personality test. The client is given a list of partial sentences and asked to complete the various phrases.

Although Dr. Hawks typically uses the above tests in completing a Psychological Evaluation at times it is necessary to use other standardized tests not listed above.